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Biography of Louise Hoffman

In memory of my sister-in-law Edna Race

I was widowed March 2009 and went through the seven steps of grieving and of course part of the seven steps is all the anger, all things that I had to deal with when my husband passed away. Things he carefully forgot to tell me.  Does this sound familiar ladies?  I’m out here alone and scared,, was also thrown into taking over my husband’s  business  so I could survive.  Learning how to run a business was quite an undertaking for me.  I’m now paying bills which I never had to do in my life. I was married all my life ( did that very well ) and worked in my own business as a fitness practitioner. My husband died from congestive heart failure.  The five years prior to his death was spent in and out of hospitals with small tune-ups at first and then major tune-ups until the motor was completely beyond repair.

My sister-in-law was real supportive of me and she also had congestive heart failure. She was homebound and we communicated several times during the day. After six months I started to feel better about my life, and my sister-in-law insisted I start dating. She kept telling me I have so much to offer and too young to spend the rest of my life alone.  ”Time for you to find someone else in your life”.

How I got started.

I started on J date one of the dating website because I’m Jewish.  Edna would say to me” why not find another Jewish man?” As I started meeting different men she was concerned about my safety and had me call her when I was on my way to meet someone and again after the date. I started telling her about how the date went, this became a major part of her entertainment, after a while she asked me to keep notes “write it and put it out there, this is so funny” she also said “my brother is looking down at you and laughing his ass off”.  He did have a good sense of humor.

Here I am today, 2 1/2 years of online dating going through this unnatural process trying to find a needle in a haystack, and trying to win the prize.

Climbing Everest may be easier and in some cases less dangerous.

Dating in my 60’s is giving me something to laugh at about myself.

Definition of a date.

What is the date? When two people hardly know each other, go out to dinner push their food around their plates nervously, while trying to ask as many questions as possible in the shortest period of time. Do you like dogs? Why do you think your marriage fell apart? Why do you think ex-wife called you controlling? What kind of medication are you on? What kind of surgery have you had? Do you like kids? Do you like to travel? How long have you been in therapy? How many DUIs have you had? How long have you been married? Divorced? Widowed? Out of jail? On parole?  What’s your next career move?

A blind date is when two people from opposite ends of the earth, little in common as humanly possible, and lie about how fabulous, interesting, normal, well-adjusted, intelligent, then reality hits when they come through the door.  You go home and cry, eventually laugh, and in my case call my sister-in-law and roll on the floor laughing our ass off.

What else I did differently.

I also needed to find an outlet, other than work. I have two standard poodles and always loved animals. I started volunteering for a Veterinarian; Helping Hands is a practice that provides dental and surgical care for your pets affordably. This is done through volunteers donating their time.  I would like to donate 10% of all my sales to helping hands for people who can’t afford the surgical procedures on their pets. There are too many animals that are put down because in this economy people can’t afford the dental or surgical procedures.

I want to thank my wonderful children who supported me with humor and encouragement, and infinite patience. I’m profoundly grateful.

Here I am sharing all my date information with you in hopes that you also can laugh your ass off.

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